Untold ‘Saved by the Bell’ Stories: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Pretty Much Dated Everyone! (EXCLUSIVE)

Saved by the Bell: The College Years is an American television sitcom , and sequel to Saved by the Bell , that ran for one season from May 22, to February 8, It is the third incarnation of the franchise. It is also the only series of the franchise to air on primetime television instead of Saturday mornings. It aired on NBC on Tuesday evenings. Saved by the Bell: The College Years is, more or less, an extension of the original Saved by the Bell series with a very similar premise. The plot revolves around the six characters getting into trouble each week at the fictitious California University Cal U , under the watchful eye of Mike Rogers Bob Golic , their resident adviser. The fictional school is set vaguely near the city of San Francisco likely a reference to the real UC Berkeley, commonly known as Cal, in the similarly located Berkeley, CA. After the pilot, however, Atkins’s role was written out and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen returned to the show in her role of Kelly Kapowski. During the first and second episodes, the series centers around Zack’s schemes to try to get his suite-mate, Leslie, to fall for him. Starting with the third episode, however, the plot branches out to become more centered around the entire gang and their various college issues, rather than just Leslie and Zack.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar reveals he used to date Saved By The Bell co-star Elizabeth Berkley

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but thankfully, that rule doesn’t apply to behind the scenes of beloved TV sitcoms. What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but thankfully, that rule doesn’t necessarily apply to behind the scenes of beloved TV sitcoms. And apparently, behind the scenes with the cast of Saved by the Bell left , the sitcom than ran from to , was quite the scene. The show’s executive producer Peter Engel spills some juicy cast secrets in his new memoir, obtained by Radar Online.

Alas, according to Peter’s book, Tiffani and Mario’s relationship came to a screeching halt when she walked in on him with another girl.

The Dating Game. While filming the show, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, at different times​, actually dated three of his female co-stars, Lark Voorhies.

By Connie. Check it out:. Tiffani Amber Thiessen. In her real life, she started dating a year-old when she was 14 and she moved out on her own when she was only Image Source. Mario Lopez. During his time on this show, he was accused of date rape and the case was settled out of court.

Saved By the Bell

ITV launching ‘ground-breaking’ new dating show to replace Love Island. Slater to be our boyfriend. But if ever there was a definition of a childhood ruiner, it comes in the form of a new tell-all book written, obtained by RadarOnline , written by executive producer Peter Engel. Tiffani-Amber is said to have got with Mark-Paul after they split on the show, and moved onto Mario in Peter wrote: “They made it very clear that they were now in a relationship — holding hands, being cutesy, etc.

After that, she ran out.

For 4 Seasons, from to , Saved by the Bell aired on of the Bell cast members – Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, and Lark Voorhies. He told People magazine in , “All of us dated at one point or.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Skip to content Secondary left navigation Search Secondary right navigation. Okay, that sounds harsh, but she was fast. More raunchy details inside. So the story is that Kelly dated Slater in real life but broke up with him when she caught him cheating with an extra. That sounds like a stunt Slater aka Mario Lopez would pull. Speaking of drugs, remember the episode where Jesse was addicted to caffeine pills?

Well, the executives actually wanted her to be addicted to speed. Just like that episode about marijuana.

Saved By The Bell star Mark-Paul Gosselaar reveals he dated co-star

By Ross Mcdonagh For Dailymail. But Mark-Paul Gosselaar has revealed he used to date his former Saved By The Bell co-stars — because he didn’t have much other choices. The year-old made the admission to Anna Farris on Tuesday on her podcast Unqualified.

In the book, he revealed that Mark Paul-Gosselaar (‘Zack’) and Mario Lopez (‘AC Slater’) both dated Tiffani Amber Thiessen (‘Kelly’) in real life.

Though it only ran for four seasons on NBC from until , its humor, topics, and fashion sense have endured the test of time. It probably won’t surprise fans to know that all the ridiculously good looking teens on the series were dating on the set. Mark-Paul Gosselaar Zack Morris once stated that at one point everyone had dated each other, and it was “incestuous. The off-screen romances tended to coincide with the on-screen ones , so if Zack and Kelly were in some more romantic episodes on the show, it was translating off the set with Tiffani Theissen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

It’s not really surprising since they were all going through puberty together! If fans think that Zack’s habit of ditching school, pulling pranks, and breaking the fourth wall to address the audience is reminiscent of another ’80s teen, they’d be correct. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Gosselaar once mentioned that fans attribute the stopping time to address the audience trope as something he invented himself, but he readily admits all credit must go to the master himself, Ferris Bueller.

Most of the cast has claimed the book is slanderous, and even Diamond himself had to reveal during an interview with former cast member Mario Lopez who played A. Slater that it was mostly a team of ghostwriters who compiled all of the information that may or may not be credible. Zack Morris may have had perfect blonde locks, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s natural hair color is brown.

Gosselaar has said that fans are surprised to see him with his brown hair these days, and some have even asked him why he’d dye over such an enviable shade of natural blonde. His reply has always been that it wasn’t his to begin with.

Saved By The Bell Behind-the-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew

Subscribe to our newsletter. And we were young. I mean, we were young. I mean, you work and live in a bubble. Some of the Saved by the Bell cast members still spend time together in Hollywood. Gosselaar and Lopez even recently reunited for a jujitsu workout.

The actor revealed to People in he dated all three of his main female co-​stars, including Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle. Related.

A popular girl in school, she remained a good student and a rolemodel to other students, despite the numerous times she found herself punished with detention. Kelly is one of seven children. She has a younger sister, Nikki, who develops a crush on Zack, and two younger brothers, Billy, an infant during her freshman year, and Kyle, who dumps water on Zack after a date with Kelly. Kelly says in the episode “Zack’s War” that she has three older brothers.

In episode 13 of season three, “The Wicked Stepbrother,” Kelly says her brother, Bennett blew out his birthday candles with a mouthful of Diet Coke, he was At the start of her freshman year in Saved by the Bell , Zack had been trying to go out with Kelly ever since she can remember. For a while, a feud began between Zack and fellow student A.

Slater about who would be her boyfriend, which caused her great stress but a lot of fun at the same time. During Kelly’s sophomore year, Slater conceded defeat to Zack, and she and Zack began dating, whereas Slater thereupon pursued his interest in Jessie Spano. The following school year marked the end of their relationship.

Kelly Kapowski

See the gallery. Deciding to explore his horizons for the first time since his breakup with Kelly, Zack starts dating a college girl whom he meets outside an over dance club, The Attic. While there, they discover Kelly’s boyfriend, Jeff with a girl other than Kelly.

With Lopez also revealing he dated one of his fellow cast members as well, leading to some on-set fighting and drama among the stars, leaving.

Plenty went on behind the scenes that the cameras never caught. So, sit back, relax, and prepare for the nostalgia to set in. According to various sources, including the cast themselves, all of them dated each other at one time or another, leading to some drama between them. Zack Morris was famous for his blonde hair, but the truth is that Mark Paul Gosselaar is not a natural blonde. In fact, he used to have to dye his hair before filming almost every episode.

You may have also noticed that his haircut changed season to season. Both actresses auditioned for the role, and it ultimately came down to choosing between the two of them.

Secrets About ‘Saved By The Bell’ You Never Knew

Our cast, Lisa Turtle, was originally set out to play a spoiled, Jewish girl from Long Island but the characters loved Lark Voorhies so, so much that they changed the part! They wanted her to play Lisa so away went the original write-up and boy are we glad. Martin U. When Dustin Diamond was hired on as Martin, no one realized just how young he was. In fact, Diamond was only years old at the time which was three characters younger than everybody else on the show!

However, the producers still really liked Elizabeth and wanted her on the cast so, they wrote the part of Jessie Spano specifically for her.

The American television sitcom Saved by the Bell, that aired on NBC from to , follows Subsequently, Kelly and Zack became closer friends, while they dated other people. While vacationing in Palm grades as spectacular. James the Actor also made two appearances on Saved By the Bell: The New Class.

The whole series revolved around Zack Morris’ crush on Kelly Kapowski, leading up to them dating, then eventually the story concluding with their wedding. And while Screech is the character often distinguished as Zack’s best friend and sidekick, fans also know that it’s Jessie Spano whose backstory shows a much longer friendship with Zack. The two are painted as old friends who grew up together and couldn’t possible be attracted to one another, especially in the episode “Snow White and the Seven Dorks,” where a school play casts the unlikely pair in a scene where they have to smooch.

When feelings arise in that episode, they are soon squashed, so Zack can go back to pining after Kelly, the natural order of the show. See Also Revisit the cast of Saved by the Bell 25 years after their high school graduation. However, in a recent interview on the podcast “Unqualified,” USA Today reports that the actor who played Zack Morris, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, revealed that he actually had an on-set romance with Elizabeth Berkley, the actress who played Jessie, not Kelly.

Gosselaar said that while working on the show, they had a few dates, but he didn’t really qualify it as “going out. Count us just as surprised as Lisa Turtle to learn the truth. See Also. Revisit the cast of Saved by the Bell 25 years after their high school graduation. Related news reboots s.

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